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2023 Ultimate Callout Challenge - Truck Format


The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Our announcement for the 2023 Ultimate Callout Challenge. After much consideration, we’re going back to a single truck platform for the UCC. You may be asking, “What was the purpose of attempting the multi-truck UCC?”. Well, we have answers. We were trying to listen to the industry and what was going on in the diesel drag racing side of the industry. 

In just five years, diesel drag racing went from amazing nine-second quarter mile to three-second 1/8th mile elapsed times. Trucks were getting lighter and faster and we were worried that we would be holding the industry back by making competitors keep the weight on the truck so they could still sled pull with it. The thought of having multiple trucks being able to compete for each team seemed like a good idea as it would offer a “NASCAR” team feel.

However, for fan's sake, it doesn’t make sense. We knew we had something special with the UCC after its inception but we didn’t know how much the fans loved seeing it that way. With this platform, teams will go back to their roots and push the limits in each competition with a single truck. So, what can you expect at the 2023 UCC? Well, each year we try and add new things to the show so fans that come back year after year can see something familiar and something new.

You can expect the same action-packed, weekend-long show in conjunction with the Outlaw Diesel Super Series drag racing series and more. We are working now on a couple of exciting projects that we are hoping to announce in the next month. As per usual, this coming UCC is not one you’re going to want to miss. After six years of this event, the fans and teams continue to impress.

The UCC was an experiment and has now developed into a well-oiled machine. Each year we have seen a good size of growth of fans coming in. In fact, last year we had just under 35,000 people at the event. In our six years of this promotion, we’ve been home to just under 150,000 people. We’ve had trucks of all shapes, colors, and sizes come in showcasing some of the wildest combinations they can think of. We are ecstatic knowing a new year is upon us and look forward to seeing what is brought to the arena.